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Networked situational awareness tool

Dynamic map view of NightFighter systems, UAV threats and BLUFOR assets, integrated with C2 and battlespace management systems
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Enhanced visibility of battlefield assets and UAV threats

NightFighter can be operated standalone, or as a connected node within a cloud-hosted Command and Control or battlespace management environment.

Tactical value of all NightFighter systems is enhanced by SecondSight™, SteelRock Technologies’ data fusion plug-in for leading BMS (battlespace management systems) and C2 solutions including ATAK, FACNAV and MANTIS.

With SecondSight™, situational awareness of gold commanders and NightFighter teams is enhanced by a real-time map view indicating real-time location, bearing and effective RF cone of multiple NightFighter systems.

 Overlaid on drone tracks and the position of other BLUFOR assets displayed in ATAK, this aggregated information supports NightFighter workgroups in the effective neutralisation of UAV threats.

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Intuitive UI gives visual confirmation of NightFighter effective coverage area, including topographical impact of surrounding environment. Subject to suitable sensor API integration, the UI also shows the presence of UAVs (either in visual contact or BVLOS) including number of threats, identification of UAV type/model, speed, altitude, vector/heading. Topographical map view is overlaid with location of other NightFighter teams and BLUFOR assets in the vicinity, enhancing situational awareness for commanders and field personnel.

Secure networked connection to C2 and battlespace management systems

Hosted on any compatible Android device (tablet, smartphone), SecondSight™ supports securely encrypted over-the-air connection to a remote C2 server or BMS and other peer NightFighter systems in the vicinity or via the same cloud instance.
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