World-leading fully certified & deployed counter-uav systems





Our Technology

01 / SAFE

Our world leading Counter-UAV solutions allow security professionals to safeguard sensitive installations against all modes of intrusion by rotary and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs).

Engineered to military specifications and deployed with Tier 1 security services in multiple jurisdictions, our cost-effective counter-drone and anti-UV (Unmanned Vehicle) solutions set new standards for performance, modularity and flexibility to meet the strategic needs of today’s security operators.

Exhaustively field- and lab-proven, our systems are certified to the highest Environmental, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Radiation Hazard and Specific Absorption Rate test requirements. This ensures optimal safety for operators as well as reliable system performance and minimised impact on surrounding RF environments.

Counter-UAV Systems

World Leading Solutions

  • ​Rapid, effective aerial threat neutralisation

  • Handheld & wearable systems

  • DIT compatible

  • Integration ready

  • SAPIENT compatible

Drone Systems

Multi-role modular platform

  • Counter-IED disruptor​

  • Drone vs Drone C-UAV solution

  • Aerial payload carriage & release

  • Rugged, customisable platform



All training is delivered by highly experienced instructors and operators drawn from ex-UK Elite Forces personnel – ensuring best-in-class advice and support on strategic development and implementation into customer SOPs.

Special consultancy

From strategic UAV threat consultancy to the provision of full area, infrastructure or event counter-UAV protection services, we can provide expert advisory capabilities as well as the deployment of our own world-leading technology.