Safeguarding every stakeholder

Class-leading C-UAS capability in all operating environments


Highly directional RF effector capability, certified for safe operation at airports and in urban areas.

Critical Infrastructure

Ideal for safeguarding sensitive facilities against incursion by drone threats.

Border Protection

Long effective range. Easy integration with existing surveillance systems.

Public Venues

Compact, quick to deploy and operator safe.

Air Defence

Deployable in conjunction with kinetic/hard-kill systems for fully integrated ‘layered’ air defence solution.


Long effective range. Integrates into wide range of kinetic weapon systems. ‘Above decks’ UK Def Stan EMC certified.

Conventional Forces

Quick deployment, suitable for one- or two-person operation. Operate standalone or integrate into C2/RWS solutions. Interoperable with other RF-emitting systems.

Special Forces

Ideal for covert operations and ‘grey space’ deployment, with negligible RF signature.

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