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Compact, rugged and quick to deploy, NightFighter gives conventional and special forces a long-range mitigation capability against commercial, military, frequency-hopping and ‘un-jammable’ UAV systems as well as unmanned surface/ground vessels.

Effective against wide array of RF-enabled targets including Wi-Fi connected devices and mesh networks, NightFighter can be either operated standalone or integrated into C2/Remote Weapon Station solutions.
protect army military from drones and uavs
Conventional Forces
Protect personnel and key assets on the battlefield, in convoys and at forward operating bases. Operate standalone or integrate via C2 with RWS solutions.
defend airforce from drones
Air Defence
Deployable in conjunction with kinetic/hard-kill systems for fully integrated ‘layered’ air defence solution.
covert counter uav missions
Special Forces
Ideal for covert operations and ‘grey space’ deployment, with negligible RF signature.
naval counter uav technology
Naval Defence
Suitable for integration into wide range of kinetic weapon, C2 and DIT systems, with long effective range. EMC certified to UK Defence Standards for ‘Sea Service Above Decks’ operation.
nightfighter anti drone device in forest with military


nightfighter counter uav or anti drone
NightFighter provides a highly effective tactical solution for safeguarding people and critical infrastructure against drone threats in city centres and urban environments. Quick to deploy and certified to exceed stringent RF safety requirements, NightFighter is suited to operation in densely populated areas.
protect airports from drones
Deny drone incursion at airport perimeters, runways, terminals and ancillary buildings.
help police with drones
Highly directional RF denial capability, certified for safe operation in urban areas.
protect vips from drones
Personal Protection
Deploy covertly or overtly to protect heads of state, VIPs and high-value individuals at public events.
targeted equipment interference
Targeted Equipment Interference
Mitigate Wi-Fi enabled IoT and network-connected RF devices, including wireless cameras, wireless routers, door access and control systems.
protect critical infrastructure from drones and uavs
Critical Infrastructure
Safeguard energy generation and storage facilities, processing plants, transportation hubs and logistics centres.
defend borders from uavs
Border Protection
Long effective range. Easy integration with existing Detection, Identification & Tracking (DIT) systems.
defend prisons from drones
Prevent smuggling of contraband, weapons and mobile phones into correctional facilities.
protect public events and venues from drones
Public Venues
Provide wide-area coverage of airspace around sports stadiums and entertainment venues.

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