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Portable Counter-UAV Systems

Rapid, effective, operator-safe RF neutralisation 
of drones and autonomous threats


Class-leading Counter-UAV, Electronic Attack and Targeted Equipment Interference capability in military, public safety and civil protection environments
On the battlefield, at sensitive sites and in public spaces: every hostile drone incursion puts people and critical assets at risk.

The NightFighter® family of portable and handheld Counter-UAV systems delivers an advanced non-kinetic RF (radiofrequency) neutralisation capability against air- and surface-based unmanned autonomous systems.

Operator-safe and operationally proven in challenging environments, NightFighter is also a highly effective means of disrupting RF communication and video links to other IoT-enabled devices and systems.

NightFighter is offered in a choice of portable, handheld and weapon-mounted form factors, providing a fully integrated, highly agile TEI/ Electronic Attack solution to address strategic and tactical mission requirements in a wide range of military and non-military use cases.


Operational safety is central to the design of NightFighter, making the system ideal for deployment in airports, urban centres and other complex RF environments.

Targeted and directional signal capabilities meet class-leading safety parameters, minimising RF exposure to operators and impact to surrounding infrastructure.
NightFighter meets or exceeds stringent RF, radiation hazard (RadHaz) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance and safety standards. It is certified as compliant with EU RadHaz legislation (EMF Directive).

All NightFighter systems meet or exceed relevant EU and UK defence standards for radiation hazards and EMC, ensuring optimal safety for operators and minimised risk to surrounding RF environments.


NightFighter may be operated standalone or as a networked node within a wider command and control environment. Operational effectiveness is augmented with SecondSight™ plug-in that allows integration with third-party C2 solutions such as ATAK and FACNAV/Mantis. Encrypted connection to a remote C2 server is via a smartphone/tablet.

SecondSight gives NightFighter operators and commanders in a defined workgroup a real-time display of key information including location, heading and heading, effective RF beam range/width of each NightFighter system.
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NightFighter can be customised to meet a wide range of military, civil protection and commercial security applications and can be offered in a range of readily integrable configurations. We are pleased to discuss our clients’ own operational requirements.

Rapid Deployment

System can be deployed in seconds.

Highly Portable

Compact, ruggedised system optimised for single or dual user operation.

Long Range

Effective against threats beyond visual line of sight.

Broad Coverage

Broad spectrum RF threat band coverage. Effective against wide array of RF-emitting targets.​

Certified & Compliant

Certified to UK Defence Standards (EMC and environmental); SAR tested in compliance with EU EMF Directive.​

Highly Effective

Mitigates commercial, military, frequency-hopping and ‘un-jammable’ drones plus unmanned surface/ground vessels.

Network Ready

Operate standalone or as network of C-UAV systems managed via centralised Command and Control (C2) interface.​

For Complex

Tested and approved use in airports and other demanding RF environments.

Wide Deployment

In operational service with military and security services in multiple jurisdictions.
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