Odin®is offered in a choice of modular, readily customised configurations to suit a wide range of military, civilian and commercial security applications and operational requirements.  Odin comes SAPIENT ready.


Observe | Detect | Identify | Neutralise

Compact, fixed system. Broad spectrum RF coverage demonstrated effective against drone threats at distances in excess of 5km.  Detection is provided by high specification optics, radar & RF detection platforms to suit each environment.


The SteelRock family of RF-emitting Counter-UAV systems offers state-of-the-art threat mitigation performance and operational flexibility.


ODIN® has been extensively tested against a broad range of commercial off-the-shelf, military, frequency-hopping and specialist drones and in a wide variety of operating environments to ensure consistent, predictable 

system performance.


The fully integrated system meets current military specifications, with all components ruggedly engineered to withstand the toughest environments and conditions.


Compact, ruggedised system built around custom-designed housing effector electronics and antenna array

Open architecture to allow automatic UAV threat alerts delivered via C2 user interface

Available in a range of configurations: portable, static, camera-mounted

Operate standalone or as network of systems operated from a centralised C2 interface   

System can be set up and deployed in minutes  

Effective exclusion of unauthorised UAVs from protected areas

In service with military and security services in multiple jurisdictions

Operator safety case verified by extensive RadHaz and SAR testing

Tested and approved for use in airports and other demanding RF environments


The ODIN® system is offered in a variety of configurations to suit a wide range of civil protection, law enforcement and military applications.



All SteelRock systems are offered with individually tailored training and technical support packages to maintain optimal performance and long-term operational safety. Options include:


• Priority system repair or replacement service

• On-site servicing, maintenance and technology upgrades

• On-boarding and initial training tailored to existing Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes (KSA), delivered on-site or at SteelRock premises

• Annual or on-demand refresher programmes for new and existing 

    system operatives



SteelRock Technologies also offers a complete portfolio of special advisory and operations services for clients spanning military, civil protection and commercial security sectors.


From strategic UAV threat consultancy to the provision of full area, infrastructure or event Counter-UAV protection services, we can provide expert advisory capabilities as well as the deployment of our own world-leading technology.


SteelRock Technologies is a leading provider of innovative technology platforms, services and complete solutions for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and Counter-UAV applications.


Exclusively designed and engineered in the United Kingdom, our products set unrivalled standards for performance, safety and operational reliability.


Our technical, training and operational teams are drawn from ex-UK Elite Forces personnel, giving SteelRock unique insight into the practical deployment of UAV countermeasures in a broad range of real-world operating environments.


SteelRock Technologies collaborates closely with selected academic, research and industry partners in the United Kingdom and overseas. We have a proven track record of successful collaboration with larger organisations to accelerate the development, testing and evaluation of our proprietary technologies, while allowing the integration of technology partners’ products and capabilities into our own systems and solutions.   

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