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Integration-ready solution against unmanned threats

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Modular solution for fixed/mobile integration

Odin is a compact, high-performance RF effector module that can be integrated with naval and air defence systems, remote weapon stations (RWS) and other kinetic weapon systems, as well as C2 and Detect/Identify/Track (DIT) platforms to safeguard strategic locations against UAV/UAS threats.
Drone alerts and tracks from one or more sensors (passive RF, radar optical, IR) can be fused and displayed via SecondSight, SteelRock’s proprietary situational awareness software platform, to provide wide-area situational awareness of drone-based threats. This data can control multiple Odin installations, providing a highly effective area-wide C-UAV threat mitigation capability at airports and other sensitive installations.
odin counter uav


RF effector module for integration in Air and Naval Defence Systems, RWS and Counter-UAS platforms.
Effective range:
RF coverage:
10+ km
8 threat bands
RF system specifications:
Available to approved Government end-users
Safety standards:
Reg Public Limit – 61 V/m 1999/519/EC
ICNIRP & Occupational Limit – 140 V/m 2013/35/EU

*Subject to ratios and operating environment.
All specifications are approximate and subject to revision.

Versatile Applications

Flexible deployment in a wide range of civilian, commercial and military security applications.

Made for Integration

Complete integration service for all Naval and Air Defence systems, RWS’s Detect/Identify/Track C-UAV systems.

Long Effective Range

Non-kinetic capability against drone threats at ranges in excess of 10 km.
Subject to ratio and operating environment​.

Broad RF Coverage

Broad spectrum RF threat band coverage with customisable upgrade options.​

Certified & Compliant

Certified to UK Defence Standards (EMC and environmental) including above decks on naval vessels; SAR tested in compliance with EU EMF Directive.​

For Air, Land & Sea Threats

Mitigates rotary and fixed wing commercial, military, frequency-hopping and encrypted drones plus unmanned surface/ground vessels.

Network Ready

Aggregate multiple sensor array inputs and control multiple Odin units via standard C2 interface. Fully SAPIENT compliant.

For Complex Environments

Tested and approved for use in airports and other demanding RF environments.

Operationally Deployed

SteelRock RF effector technology in service with security forces in multiple jurisdictions.

Situationally aware

Operational effectiveness is further enhanced with SecondSight®, SteelRock’s situational awareness C2 software solution. This presents a real-time overview of all deployed NightFighter systems in the operational theatre, direction of orientation and approximate RF pattern, as well as target drone tracks from third party sensor feeds to a centralised mission commander.​
situationally aware c-uav unit
odin counter uav


Counter-UAV systems employing proprietary RF technology to neutralise air-, land- and sea-based autonomous threats, rapidly and effectively.

nomadic counter uav


Designed for reliable operation in a wide range of civilian and military environments, Nomadic integrates Dedrone’s RF-360 passive network-attached radio sensor with SteelRock’s NightFighter® RF-based counter-UAV effector solution.

counter anti uav advisory services


Strategic and tactical advice plus on-the-ground support to counter drone threats, including the deployment of our own technology.​

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