Integrated Counter-UAV solution

Drone detection, classification, geolocation, tracking and neutralisation functions in a readily transportable package.

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Total threat neutralisation capability

Nomadic integrates any drone sensor with SteelRock’s NightFighter® RF-based counter-UAV effector solution. Single or multiple threats are identified by the sensor that can deployed rapidly in any location such as on the roof of a building, at airport perimeters or on the open battlefield.
nomadic counter uav

Situationally aware

Drone identity, track, and heading is communicated via a standard C2 interface from the drone sensor via SecondSight®, SteelRock’s proprietary situational awareness software tool that supplements the NightFighter operator’s own line-of-sight awareness of threats. Using the system’s handheld RF effector/antenna array, an operator can direct the drone safely to ground for recovery and inspection, command the drone to hover or instruct it to return to base.
nomadic counter uav

Safe, secure, flexible deployment

Designed for safe deployment in a wide range civilian or military environments, Nomadic is approved for use by UK airport operators. Secure real-time communications including drone tracks and other situational awareness data between the drone sensor and NightFighter is via 4G/5G where cellular network coverage is available in urban and rural environments. Communication between sensor and NightFighter can alternatively be via ad hoc mesh networks or SATCOM link.
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RF effector module integrates with C2 and Detect/Identify/Track platforms to offer a total solution for airports and strategic locations against UAV threats as well as naval and air defence systems.

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Counter-UAV systems employing proprietary RF technology to neutralise air-, land- and sea-based autonomous threats, rapidly and effectively.

counter anti uav advisory services


Strategic and tactical advice plus on-the-ground support to counter drone threats, including the deployment of our own technology.​

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